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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Frozen Lake Ontario

The weather today was conducive to taking the short drive to Lake Ontario. Especially after being in the deep freeze for over a week.

The Lake is still frozen as I totally expected it to be - What I did not expect was all the birds that were well - walking on the lake.

There had to be hundreds of swans, mallards, seagulls and of course geese crowded near the shore.

I thought some of the ducks may get their butts frozen on that ice but I did not see that on my sojourn (you know I would have taken a pic of that or better yet a video when they tried to get up).

I did, however, take a video of some of the birds coming in for a landing - which was funny enough - and they did not crash too badly - some actually did crash land but unfortunately I was not able to capture them.

There were even some grey swans - I did not see any grey goose however - just ya know the plain old Canada ones.

I will keep you posted on more pics as the weather cooperates.


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