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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to my World - Bricks and Bouquets

I have decided to share my ramblings about what is happening in my world as well as the world out there.   Sharing pet peeves, pictures, stories of my unusual family-usually at least mildly amusing and of course my beloved Habs.  Oh yes, I have never heard of a bad pun, or an absurd story.

One feature I plan to incorporate bricks and bouquets.  I figure, there is plenty to rant about in this world of ours. One can just look at the nightly news and there is something there that will get our dander up.  So, to counterbalance that, I will come up with things that are enjoyable or are laudable.

Todays Bouquet: Chilean miners- not talking to media etc and have made a pledge that whatever monetary gains that are to be had, they will be shared.  Hopefully they keep to this, as it is very refreshing.

Todays Brick:  Anyone still yapping about the Habs Halak trade, Koivu et al no longer being Habs.  I detested the trade but we have to move on - no use crying over spilled milk and all other cliches.  Cheer for the logo on the sweater not the personalities behind them.  Not like the old days when one expected the players to stay with one team...Stevie Y, Mario, Sakic and possibly Brodeur are throw backs - not many like that any more.

Please feel free to add to the Bricks and Bouquets as you wish.  It will be a fun ride.


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