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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Ramblings

I bought myself a new camera on Friday and was looking for an opportunity to use it.  Yesterday I went down to Lake Ontario just about a five minute drive from my place with the hubby and took some photos of the lake and some of the autumn foliage.

Some trees just could not make up their minds

Others do not seem to have that problem

with spectacular results

Today was a lovely day outside so I called up one of my friends to go for a walk and commune with nature and of course take photos.  The thing is, my friend had never used a digital camera, and claimed she takes terrible pictures.  I gave her my old one for the day..nothing wrong with it just wanted a new one.  So after a lesson and a lot of laughing - what is this button for?  How do you look at the pics again?  You sure this is right? Yes, my friend is the trusting sort and tends to be a little as we say gullible.  I have used this against her on a few occasions for my amusement but it is all in good fun.  You will be pleased to know she did very well with the picture taking.  She is a tremendous dog lover and took pictures of peoples dogs as well as the chipmunks, birds and changing leaves.  She said she is going to share the pics with her dog friends (she is retired and pet sits when people go on vacation).  

So after our two hour walk into the woods, we went to a nearby park by the lake.  We could have gone right down to the water but we decided that if we did that we would have to come back up the hill which at that point would have been a chore - oh the joys of being on the wrong side of the half-century mark but that is a topic for another day.

Lake Ontario

sat outside the pavillion

saw some leaves dying on the tree 

Bouquets:  To the tweeps who are using #beatcancer to raise funds for research and the people who are donating .05 to the cause for each use.  Keep up the good work - worthwhile cause.

Bricks: It is such a beautiful and sunny day, I was not going to throw any bricks...however when I was uploading some pics onto yfrog so I can share with my tweeps especially the southern ones....ooohhhhh I tweeted blanks several times - aarrrggghhh they must make it easier to use and upload more than one pic at a time... that is on ooooohhh and one aarrrggggghhh

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