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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Habbykins Doghouse

I am about to embark on an interesting weekend.  My hubbys family are celebrating my mother-in -law's ninetieth birthday - It is not until the 11 of December but everyone can get together now.  Tomorrow we will be having a quiet dinner - for about 20.  Then Sunday there is a get-together of family and friends.  Bratlet goes to work for 7pm and requires the use of the vehicle for transportation -

The result of all this is I miss the Habs game on Saturday vs. the Senators.  Is that a good thing or not...Hmmmmm let me see.

Prediction:  It is a better game (more exciting) than the one against the Devils.. Talk about your fearless preditions...that one is a no brainer.  Hopefully the Habs decide to show up for this one.  Needs a strong game about now.

 We all know about JM Doghouse.  Guys that for some reason get the wrath of the coach...happens in all sports.  But on the Habs it is the strangest one of all.  It seems to me that once a player gets into the doghouse with JM he cannot get out unless he gets out...of town that is.   Sergei...Lats....

Is OB next..he was in Carbo's dog house....still around...did okay under the change in coach at the beginning of the year..then he took some time off in January to tend to a family matter and has been in the doghouse since.  In and out of the lineup...Is he the next to go?  Probably

What about Eller?  JM just does not seem to know what to do with this guy.  He is speedy and has size and is not afraid to use it.  I just do not want to see him go.

I have an idea.......EGG  line eller.gio/g-love or EKG line (eller/kosty/gio or g-love) -better yet call it the KEG line drinking game anyone?  It would not be a small line at all.  I would try it and see if we like it.

Cammy....Hello...the season has started...Plecky is doing well, Kosty so far is stepping up to the plate..Shots are there but the name of the game is not to shoot at the opposition logos.  Habs need Cammy to score early and often.  A streak right now would be beneficial to everyone.

Would a line of Plecky, Gio and Cammy be beneficial? - pretty small but fast.

For balance though I would like to see Gomez, Cammy and Eller on one line and Gionta, Plecky and Kosty on the other top line.  It would be a different look and the players do complement each other.

Subby-doo - yes you.  Stop trying to do it all yourself - You can be spectacular - we all know and love you for it. also have to pick your spots.. Always good for a spark but there is another word for you my friend.....discipline.  You will do well in the long term and these are growing pains - it will get better...Should he be paired with Hammer or Markov?  I do not know that one.  I know the pairings of Spacek and Subby did not work all that well and the pairing of Subby and Picard is very worrysome.

Spacek - time to think about retiring I think...The contract as one year too many.  Although when Marky comes back and everyone gets placed where they are supposed to be there will be less ice time and maybe that is the problem - trying to do too much.

Hammer - still plugging along after all these years.  Needs to play with Subban to calm him down and teach him.  The other  possibility is that Markov taken Subby under his wing and see where that goes.

Price for the moment is doing well.  It is still worrisome for me to have virtually nothing to fall back on in case of injury or meltdown.  But for now - "don't worry be happy" Price is getting the job done.

I do not pretend to have answers but just doing the same thing with virtually the same personnel as last year and hoping for better results sees like a fools errand as my grandmother used to say.

I wonder how much leash JM and PG have with Molson as Boivin's term winds down.  Indeed very interesting times in Habland.

Brick to Yahoo news Canada:  The story regarding the Canadian Serial killer Col Williams is brought to you by...are you ready for this...Hereafter - A Clint Eastwood Film Haven't seen a gaff like that since CTV showing Betty Rollins Story First You Cry brought to you by Wonderbra. - incidentally Wonderbra got an on air apology during newscast - just when Betty Rollins (Mary Tyler Moore) looks at herself in the mirror after a mastectomy - cut to commercial....Wonderbra. - so not cool.

Bouquet to the 30,000 people who attended the speech at the Rogers Centre (Skydome) given by the Dali Lama.  He always brings a smile to my face.  Especially like to hear his infectious giggle.


Tyg said...

That Wonderbra thingy is outright creepy. And you've touched on one of my current pet peeves - the Habs shooting directly into the opposing goalie's torso. Hey Habs, how about going around the guy and into the back of his net? Just sayin'...

Nice post hon. It does feel a bit like a vicious circle with this year's Habs doesn't it? Hopefully they can break that cycle sooner rather than later.

Laura said...

Tyg -Glad you like it. Yeah that wonderbra thing was creepy. They actually do help women who have to go through that - even way back when. They were actually pioneers in helping ladies with breast cancer.

EMann said...

I like your realism. No overpraise where it isn't due. And your Picard/Subban fears are more than relevant. Actually - your Subban fears PERIOD - more than fair. Good on ya and please keep it up!

Laura said...

Thank you EMann. Difficult to come up with a Habs blog that is not already covered.

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