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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

90th Birthday Celebrations

This is a personal blog.  The next one will be a Habs blog.

We celebrated my mother-in-law's 90th birthday on the weekend.
Gotta love the smile

I took about 80 pictures including a number which show people with their mouths open or chewing food.  Luckily the guests, numbering approximately 50 were in a jovial mood and all has now been forgiven..Though if I put them on this blog or on facebook I would definitely hear about it. In other words, I am thinking about it.  

Here are a few pictures:
Me and my crew including bratlet and her bro - holding her arm down to stop from having bunny ears

Mother-in-law with her crew and their spouses

Mother-in-law and her crew

My mother-in-law is in awe of digital photography, can't get over how a photo can be taken and then stored on a little chip and then put on the computer.  Incidentally, she does spend time on the computer playing card games and doing crossword puzzles.  

Bouquets: to all the dudes participating in the mustache for cancer campaign..Commercial with Lanny McDonald stating his is legendary gets me laughing all the time.  

and I do not want to throw any bricks today.  Habs are winning, tied with the Leaves, (well can't have everything - where would you put it.)  We all know the leaves do not fall until later in the season.

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