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Friday, April 15, 2011

Habs, Soaps and Meanderings

As I am having my tea this morning, I decided to share my thoughts on last nights Habs/Bruins game, the series amongst other things.

I am elated that Price is the goalie Bob Gainey thought he was and not the one I did.  Yes, I am eating my words now just as I did earlier this season...You see I predicted a lottery pick for my beloved habs because of the few changes brought into a team that squeaked into the playoffs.  And yes, my son the Leaf Fan (yeah I have one of those-and this time he was right-and I am not as right as I usually am) was correct when said Price is going to have a huge season. And please pass the ketchup so the words will taste better - thanks.

The game last night was very exciting (duh). And it appears that some people are awakening from their long winters nap...coming out of hibernation as it were.  It is a good thing from my point of view.  But it is only one game, in a string of games to capture Lord Stanley's mug - but it has started off on the right foot - only 15 more wins to go.

The famous soap operas are leaving the air after forever and a half.  My fave was Another World - and that has been gone a long time.  You gotta wonder how warped the writers of these shows are/were to come up with the story lines they did - five days a week for a hundred years.  At times they were repetitive - almost like they ran out of plot lines and forgot they used it already.  But we continued to watch regardless-

As the playoffs started, the Habs have this game face thing going with us fans.  Fabulous-I had my war paint put on a picture I took wearing my Cournoyer Jersey.  A short time before game 1 I changed it to a picture of a slightly (haha) younger me with the addition of the war paint.

Yeah I know I was a cutie pie and what the heck happened.

That is it for now.  Please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I loved Another World too! *sniff* Was impressed by the Habs speed last night. It really undid the Bruins. If they keep skating like that, Boston gets stretched out, made vulnerable, and gets frustrated. And yet Julien says the B's are not frustrated this morning?

Laura said...

I appreciate your comment as always Tyg.

I expect the Bruins will play better in the next game tomorrow night. And just as you would not expect the Martin to say after one game that the players are frustrated, I do not expect Julien to do so either. It is only one game and hopefully the tempo will continue.

Dayes Doghouse said...

I know you told me in person, but seeing it in writing still stuns me.

You doubted the Price?! =(

As much as I *love* Halak, for was always "In Price We Trust."

Tough game last took half a game, but Les Boys finally showed up. I'm hoping the momentum carries forth and we win this next one at home.


Laura said...

Thanks for the comment Dayes -

Re: Price-ya very much was in doubt - thought he was going to be like so many others we could both list. Steve Penney actually came to mind.

I do believe Habs will win the next game and will win the series.


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