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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let me say This about That

Now that the Stanley Cup has been awarded I have some things to say (surprised?) I will be blogging all summer but intermittently because of commitments.

*The Bruins won Lord Stanley's shaving mug - pretty fitting.  In my opinion, it was preordained by the WWE oops I mean NHL.  And my congratulations to the winners.

*Twitter is once again saying Benoit Brunet is not going back to RDS. Is that not what we heard last year? So, until official - same as usual expect no changes.

*Markov to sign with the habs is another good one. It has been imminent for a while - wake me up when it is done please or when it is decided he should take a hike. FYI I think it does get done.

*Gorges and Pacioretty are RFA. (Duh-I know) They should be signed soon I hope.

*Does anyone know or care what happens on Hockey Night in Canada vis-a-vis Bob Cole and the Bruins broadcast team?  That sounds like a bad band name. - And now ladies and gents give it up for Bob Cole and the Cherry Bruins Corporation.

*Wonder how the Bruins fans feel about screaming Diver and Faker to Kesler now - do they care?

*Kaberle- after all the but i don't wanna leave - he has his name on the Stanley shaving mug and has a chance at free agency. Maybe he will end up on a defensive pairing with Hal Gill...hmmmm on second thought no that would be too bizarre and besides we already have too many.

*Gomez will have a better 2011/12 season....I mean can he possibly do worse?  we shall see won't we.

*When looking at the Habs past season please remember without Price - they would possibly be a lottery pick team.

*Ever wish you could combine players and amalgamate them - I am always looking for Pooche but not finding him on the roster. For my two non-habs fan readers it would be pouliots body and talent combined with Darche's work ethic and determination and sounds better than Darliot.

*speaking of Pouliot I am hoping he does not get re-signed - or I may have to rename my twitter account to DownGoesPou...something you really should not do to your own team (It was suggested I use DownGoesSubban but ummmm NO)

*Recchi's career is finally over and he will undoubtedly make it to the hall.  Too bad he had to step out of his perceived persona to do it.

*There will be a master blog coming out next week on DownGoesAvery next week and I am the Habs contributor. There will be a companion piece on this site when it is available.

Please add to the list in the comments section I 'd love to hear from you.


Dayes Doghouse said...

Ewww... no Kaberle. No no no no no no!! Disturbing thought. Can't even form sentences! Eww!!

Laura said...

LOL me too the ONLY positive would be the looks on the faces of the Leafs fans and then they would say another teams trash.... so really not worth it.

Janet Lingel Aldrich said...

"Bob Cole and the Cherry Bruins Corporation" LOL! Sounds like one of those power groups from the 70s!

I kinda like Darliot! :) Like the idea, too.

Also agree ... no Kaberle! We need O, not D. (and maybe a little stronger backup goalie to spell Pricey)

Laura said...

Yes we do - and I thought the power group thing worked as well or at least a power group wanna-be.

Glad you liked the ideas - and I really agree re: Pricey

Thanks for your comments

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