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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Habs 2011 Recap Insanity Part Un

I was asked to submit an article to the Down Goes Avery season ending blog where 30 bloggers were challenged to take a irreverent look at their teams past season, off season and outlook for next season.  As my blog post was getting too big (I kept adding to it all week), here is part un of events as I see them. Without a doubt this off-season will be interesting to watch in habland. Please feel free to leave a comment-they are always appreciated by all  bloggers all the time.  Part deux will be posted tomorrow.

2010/11 Recap: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good – Finding a couple of players in the minors who were able to step up when the team needed it and having the guts to trade for a million defensemen who were all used this past season. One goes down? No worry, just pick up another. Some were upgrades; some were serviceable.  Carey Price did have a very good year, and then there is Subban who took his game to a new level when pressed. There were also some finds on the offensive side of things with Eller as well as Pacioretty and Desharnais filling in admirably when the injuries started to pile up a bit.

The Bad – Too small and too inconsistent; too many passengers for too much of the season; taking shifts/games/weeks/months/season off.  Now I can see having a bad shift or game or even a slump happens to everybody in all skates of life, but how long do these have to last? What was that Gomer? Oh yes - you have to play better lest you let down your team mates etc. How many times did you say this during the year? As one company in a former line of work would say: Just Do It. 

The Ugly – While it is difficult to find ugly on my team of beauties I find myself looking squarely at JMart and his usage of the would-be marvellous top liner Travis Moen. There is nothing wrong with Moen. He plays hard etc., but beautiful hands he does not have.  He gets space and takes off down the ice on a break or semi-break regularly and if he had Cammy’s hands he would score 50 goals a season. Alas that is not the case.  Shakes head and rolls eyes. Can it get any uglier than some of the mean-spirited thing that have been said and done to my team - The hit from Chara was ugly but to add to it the verbal insults from the Boston media and some of the players was bad enough - BUT then the fans continued it.  Patches got some disgusting things sent to him on twitter.  This in my opinion is totally uncalled for hey, it is after all is said and done a game. 


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