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Saturday, June 4, 2011

This and That

As I sit through a thunderstorm here in beautiful sunny (except when it is not) Burlington, Ontario that the next couple of weekends will be filled with local colour and flavour.

Next weekend is the Open Doors Burlington event - for those of you who are not familiar with such an event in your city/town/village..(do we really have villages any more?- besides the so called global village I mean!) It is a time usually a weekend to become a tourist where you live.  Museums, Art Galleries and other places where you would normally pay a fee to visit are free.  There are also other venues that are normally closed to the public that are open - an example of that here is the Burlington Public Library archives. There is also a walking tour of the older downtown core and waterfront that entails all the open door venues in that area.  While a visit to the archives would definitely be interesting - I am going to take in the walking tour. Like many places on the waterfront some of these locations are said to be still inhabited by their former occupants - yes ghosties.  Who knows who or what I will see - maybe even the Victorian lady in grey - on the upper floor of Joseph Brant museum - but that may be too much to ask.

Side note - I was just looking up other places to visit and pulled up Union Burying Grounds - an old cemetery - and the power went out - due to the storm - well - that settles it then - definitely worth a visit - yes that startled and maybe creeped me out a little.

Fathers Day weekend in Burlington is the annual Sound of Music Festival  - free outdoor concerts at various venues throughout the city - mostly by the lake - the weather is sometimes uncooperative - but hey for free concerts it is always well attended.  The parade on Saturday is always highlighted by the Teen Tour Band - you know the one that I thought had disappeared on Rapture day.  Apparently not.

I will, of course, be blogging and have pictures of these events in my neck of the woods.


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