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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Habs Grumblings

Okay, now the Habs have lost two in a row and when is it time to start looking for answers and not dishing out the same old stuff and expecting better results?

I was reading a blog regarding shuffling the deck and it got me to thinking about what needs to be done to wake up the guys so they start playing like they need to.  The suggestion about breaking up what is quickly becoming the gruesome twosome is not a new one by any means but hopefully J-Mart is seriously looking at solutions this time.  Something has got to give I just hope it is not my sanity.

This may mean loosening the apron strings on one Lars Eller, and breaking up the only consistent scoring threesome.  The third and fourth lines have to play with more discipline and more energy.  To expect your secondary scoring to come from the warriors is a bit much to ask, sure it can happen sometimes but...

Defense:  Markov came back (yay Marky) he is a little rusty.  Where do the others get off waiting for something to happen.  Someone (I am looking at you J-Mart) has to sit Spaceman and play Picard.

The message this year has been - does not matter how you play or what you deserve...Habs are sticking with the grizzled vets even when they are being outplayed by the youth of the game.  Now you even have a member of the Dogs (Patches) stating he wants to remain down on the farm.  How many of them actually feel that way?  Does this say more about Patches or the coaching in Montreal?  Can't answer that question but it may be six of one a half dozen of the other.

The biggest thing with me is the damned turnovers...if I wanted turnovers I would go to the bakery... Why does this version of the Habs insist on dishing the biscuit to the other team?  It is not rocket surgery.  pass the puck to someone wearing the same colour jersey as you.  Spread out so the predictable does not happen. Drop passes to phantom players does not work (unless you play for Adirondack Phantoms). 

The power play woes are ridiculous. Creativity is dead in this version of the Habs.  Predictability is the name of the game.  NEWS FLASH:  Other teams have watched the power play from last year found a pattern and have come up with a solution.  Time to try working together and come up with different solutions.

Why are the Habs being given so much time off?  Is there beginning to set in a sense of entitlement or country club atmosphere in Montreal.  Lesson for les boys - stink up the joint two games in a row and get some time off....that does not work in my book.  Almost makes bowling sound like it makes sense. 

I do not pretend to have the answers for what ails the Habs but there are certainly a lot of questions.  That is to be expected on a bubble team. Hopefully someone/anyone can wake up and smell the coffee.


Anonymous said...

great turnover line, and it's true. Every game i tweet 'we're in RED' or 'we;re in WHITE' depending on where we are.
Our team is ridiculous this year at being predictable. Dump and Chase, Chase and lose the puck. Turnover by Spacek. ETC. SOOOO frustrating!!!!!! it's enough with the vet status, play the people who deserve it! AMEN

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