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Sunday, April 3, 2011

100 Thing About Me

On Twitter we have this continuing dialogue about 100 things about me.  There are some who have been posting continually a few at a time and some have taken the time to put them in blog form.  I have chosen obviously blog form.  It was an exercise I did not think I would get to the end of - and to tell you the truth some are more mundane than others -

1 - I try to always have something positive to say - sometimes it is difficult.
2 - I need to thank the blood donors out there for saving my life - 3 years ago I almost died from blood loss.
3 - I currently live in Burlington, ON
4 - My second favorite hockey team would be the Islanders
5 - I love soul and R n B music
6 - I have had a swim in 4 out of 5 Great Lakes and 2 oceans - only one missing - Michigan
7 - I like to go for long drives and walks in the park or along the beach.
8 - My favorite dessert is black forest cake.
9 - Spaghetti is my favorite comfort food.
10 - I am older than most of my friends and colleagues.
11 - I was in a school bus when HENDERSON SCORED FOR CANADA - On St. Martin Blvd in Laval at a red light - we were listening on transistor radios.
12 - I remember the moon landing, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
13 - We had season tickets to Expo 67
14 - Three out of Four of my grandparents were born in Canada - the other in Manchester, England.
15 - My earliest memory is of John F. Kennedy being assassinated.
16 - I watched in fascination the wedding of Diana and Charles only to be horrified later when she lost her life so needlessly.
17 - My favorite color is royal blue.
18 - My mother, aunt, maid of honour and I played cards the morning of my wedding.
19 - I got seasick on the ferry to NL.
20 - I have a great sense of humor that has gotten me over some rough spots.
21 - I look like Chuckie from the Childs Play movie
22 - My drivers license photo looks like I am a serial killer or a murder victim.
23 - My favorite movie of all time is Hello Dolly.
24 - I have never watched Forest Gump or Titanic.
25 - I am going to the Habs Tweetup on April 9 - I am excited.
26 - I have pictures to prove I know my Way to San Jose
27 - Went to San Francisco and Los Angeles on our honeymoon - not everyone can say they went to Alcatraz and Disneyland on their honeymoon.
28 - I have been to 9 out of 10 provinces - sole exception is Manitoba.
29 - A large proportion of my friends are from Atlantic Canada.
30 - I am someone's hero.
31 - I love singing and dancing in the rain
32 - I am a tea drinker - I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee - but do not like the taste.
33 - I once went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters with my Mom.... they won hehehehe
34 - I tried curling once - fell and got slightly concussed.
35 - Once I hit a curb while riding my bike - went gracefully over the handlebars - landed face first on the side walk - head lost side walk won - concussion - started a new job 3 days later with a beautiful face.
36 - Totalled my car a number of years ago escaped with a fractured ankle - it was my birthday - happy birthday to me.
37 - I have had three or four hangovers in my life.
38 - My favorite drink is a Margarita.
39 - I was the Dear Abby of my high school paper.
40 - I once brought my mother to a male strip bar.
41 - I have performed on stage in front of an audience singing and playing the guitar.  Incidentally, I do neither well.
42 - I have won a dance contest.
43 - I have participated in three 24 hour dance marathons to raise money for the fight against muscular dystrophy.
44 - I do NOT want the Nordiques back - although the Habs would get better - the politics the last time around was hard to take.
45 - My son was named after my husbands father - my grandfather, and uncle and two cousins also have the same name.
46 - The first boy I kissed was Sean - The first man I kissed was Gaetan.
47 - I am a customer service professional and a world class listener.
48 - My brother sang at my wedding.
49 - My first attempt at twitter failed - making the most of second attempt.
50 - My twitter name comes from the Archie Comics - lambykins - also explains my previous avatar.
51 - I enjoy taking photos - I took the daffodil that is my current avatar.
52 - Although I do not reach 5 feet tall, I am taller than my aunt and my mother.
53 - I have only golfed once - it was a company tournament - BUT I have my own clubs and a real nice bag.
54 - I can get into trouble by simply repeating something that was said or just remaining silent - the thought police are out to get me.
55 - My brain can usually be found in the gutter - I guess that explains #54
56 - My favorite player is Yvan Cournoyer - hence the jersey.
57 - My daughter once asked Jean Beliveau if he played for the Blue Jays - he laughed and said no - I have since forgiven her - she was about 2.
58 - My son is a leaf fan despite my best efforts.
59 - I like baseball - followed Expos and now the Blue Jays.
60 - I lived in Edmonton for 5 years saw a few games at Northlands.
61 - My earliest musical memory is watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan - mom had to wake me up because it was after my bed time.
62 - My favorite song is All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie.
63 - Fave male singers - Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson.
64 - Fave female singers - Linda Ronstadt and Bette Midler
65 - First Stanley cup I remember 1971
66 - I put my Bobby Orr cards in the spokes of me bike because that is how i roll.
67 - The first album I owned was Meet the Monkees
68 - I am a hopeless romantic
69 - I still have my high school yearbook and ticket to the dance.
70 - I was once part of a mixed-race couple.
71 - My mother and I have always gotten along.
72 - I am not nor have I ever been a girly-girl.
73 - I was at the Montreal Forum for the Yvette Rally.
74 - First hockey memory habs were skating left to right on my radio dial Tony Esposito was in net for the habs.
75 - First hockey crush: Ken Dryden a teacher of mine got me his autograph in 1971.
76 - i once stole my neighbors tomato plants - waited for her to finish her garden than asked her if she had room for my plants - learned some new swear words.
77 - I love Halloween.
78 - I loved Disco.
79 - My fave group is the Eagles
80 - I can moonwalk sideways and of course regular.
81 - As child stars - I preferred Michael Jackson over Donny Osmond - turned out I was right.
82 - On my wall were posters of Mark Spitz and Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson.
83 - I always dance like nobody's watching - ala Elaine on Seinfeld.
84 - My fave Charlies Angel was Kelly - Jacklyn Smith.
85 - My all-time hero was the Queen Mum - she did what she had to do when she had to do it - damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.
86 - I was one of millions who listened intently to  all the news from NYC when John Lennon was murdered.
87 - I was putting gas in the car when Dad told my Elvis died.
88 - I would listen to the oldies station with my Dad and play the - who is that singing game - he usually won but it was fun.
89 - I had an aunt who never swore and did not get dirty jokes - she was the white sheep of the family.
90 - I once had a collection of over 400 albums.
91 - Growing up the dog's name was Fred.
92 - Was taught by nuns in grade school - stayed in a convent when going to university during a bus strike.
93 - Was raised in rural Quebec went to english school - my classmates were French.
94 - I went to Cegep in St Lambert - Champlain Regional College.
95 - Went to Concordia University - BA specialization on Psychology - go stingers.
96 - My children have three of there four grandparents still around.
97 - I have a theory that pastel colored drinks do not make you wasted because they are wussy looking - have been trying to prove this theory for over 10 years - trials are continuing.
98 - in a related note - I am stubborn.
99 - I have spent half my live married to one fella.
100 - I have met some awesome people on twitter.

I want to hear from you. Please leave your comments.


Lyse said...

I could have written 50 of those facts for myself. Or close to... :)

Laura said...

Thank you Lyse - glad you could relate.

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