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Friday, May 20, 2011

Utter Crapola

As I sit here with my second cup of tea - musing about the events of this week in the hockey world - I am amused that my favorite hockey team is now fining fans for showing support to the tune of 1K per day - Hey at my age I would owe them one heck of an amount of money to be sure.  There are a couple of things I could do - I could drop the H and call them Abs - if they sue, I could say I meant Avs and it is a consistent typo - That would necessitate changing my twitter name to Abbykins.  This would confuse the heck out of the people who so graciously follow me there - to say nothing about what I would have to do to this blog and the pain it would be to change it to Abbykins - and people would think possibly that it is about primarily an advice column or something to do with religion.  So what I have ultimately decided to do with this is to further ignore it - and if they  decide to come after me - I will never in my lifetime or my childrens lifetime be able to pay it - and you can't get blood from a stone.

It was a strange week regarding life on my timeline this week - Derek Boogaard by all accounts an all around great guy is no longer with us - ***cause of death has been confirmed as accidental overdose of alcohol and Oxycodone **** I hope he rests in peace.  Harmon Killebrew also passed away this week at home after stopping the cancer treatments that were prolonging his life but certainly not the quality of it I am sure. Jon Moncrief a journalist who covered the L.A. Kings also passed away at the age of 42.  At the risk of sounding maudlin - may they rest in peace and God bless.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the suffering going on with floods and fires.  Hopefully Ma Nature gets it all straightened out very quickly and quits her PMS or whatever is wrong with her. Gotta tilt the country pushing the water from Manitoba west to put out the ugly fires in AB -

Speaking of Manitoba, it appears that Winnipeg is getting their team back in time for next season - and it will not be the Yotes - but another team from Atlanta - Wow I feel sorry for the fans in Atlanta - that would be two teams lost to Canada - I think as do many others not fans fault but faulty ownership - I guess the Yotes was personal grudge after all - and we know how the NHL (Napoleons Hockey League) holds those - will be interesting to see if at the presser the fans of Winnipeg cheer for Napoleon - they probably will. - Just this once - then all bets are off.

My Habs have finally made some noise starting to sign some prospect and free agents who are based overseas.  So far I am liking the additions, but something tells me I will not be totally enthused when it comes to the subtractions.  I expect some changes on ice in Montreal for next season - hopefully for the better but stranger thing have happened.

Off ice changes continue to happen in Montreal - it seems like Mr. Molson is wearing too many hats.  Yes I know he is the owner and by all appearances he will be an active one.  I sense the tide starting to turn regarding Mr. Molson - first the copyright thing and now the 22% hike in the price of tickets - I guess someone decided gouging is the best way to increase the bottom line - who is now in charge of the publicity department?  Okay, rhetorical question.

Next signing I want to see is Mr. Pacioretty for a long term deal. But it will probably be on the defensive side.  I still think there will be a trade or two - possibly with Philly or Caps or possibly the Sharks.  Remember all - in order to get quality you have to give up quality.  Maybe a sign and trade or one similar to the Halak trade - I have become accustomed to expecting the unexpected -

Hope you enjoy reading this little blog and give me your thoughts - I always enjoy hearing from you.  Have a fabulous Victoria Day weekend Canada - hopefully the weather cooperates - bring sun where needed and rain where needed and not vice-versa.


Tyg said...

Good blog hon. Glad you didn't change your name to Abbykins cause it makes you sound hard-core Irish and my heritage is Scottish and I don't wanna have to throw down when you come to town, although I suspect we can have some fun with the drinking games. Also, if you start rooting for the Avs instead of the H*bs I'm gonna have a heart attack. Excellent read on the week. I saw it similarly. :)

Laura said...

Thank you Roz..I actually thought Abbykins sounded french to me but yeah Irish as well. lol

Tyg said...

I think Andy Capp when I read 'Abbykins LOL Showing my age once again. Oh well...

Laura said...

Andy Capp - now just who is that lol

L'il Abner

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