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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day at the Fair

Photography is a hobby of mine - only a hobby and I have a couple of point and shoot cameras - they do the hobby job quite well for me.  There are many fairs and festivals in Burlington, Ontario during the summer months - I will endeavour to keep you up to date with pictures.

There was a fair at the local mall - you know the kind - a few rides, some games and some fun.  The day was cool and overcast and it was in the morning so there were not many people there.  In other words a good time to take pictures.

what is a fair without a ferris wheel 
Nemo who definitely looks like he is up to something

with prizes
including pirate bananas
candy made by elves 

cotton candy
and especially popcorn

In Burlington, Ontario we have a Teen Tour Band - who travel all around the world representing Canada.  Last Saturday (rapture day) at the park I came across this scene and wondered - Oh Dear what happened - the band is missing. 

 I did find them - taking a break, and having a picnic.  Alas - they are teens after all and it was lunchtime.  

The next big festival here is the Sound of Music festival by the lake - free concerts at various downtown and lake front locations on fathers day weekend - every year.  Here is a link to this years festivities - If you can make it please come and if not no worries I will be there with my camera.

Please let me know what you think.


Tyg said...

Everytime I see this popcorn pic I want some. Alas, I have no popcorn and I have no cake!

Laura said...

Pity about the popcorn and cake alas those challenges in life can be overcome. Remember my friends Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines - and Orville Reddenbacher. They can always help.

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