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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Molson Baby - Habs Christmas Song

Here is my Christmas letter to Mr. Molson

Molson baby, tired of watching the team, they dream
Through the games that they play
Molson baby hurry down to the Bell tonight.

Molson Baby need a power play too, that's true
This one is casse in two
Molson baby hurry to the Bell tonight

Think that if the the playoffs are missed
Just how much the fans will be pissed
Next year it could be so good
If you'd sign off on this Christmas list.
Oh woe!

Molson honey, the team really needs to compete
that's sweet
The leadership is not fine
Molson baby hurry to the Bell tonight.

Molson cutie, fill the fans stockings with hope, don't mope
End this soap not too late
Molson baby hurry to the Bell tonight

Come and replace the management
With people with expertise would be heaven sent
The fans do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in us too
le buuut

Molson baby forgot to mention one little thing,
a ring no I don't mean on the phone
Molson Baby hurry to the Bell tonight.


Rosalyn Roy said...

Cute. Now I'm gonna have that song (original version) in my head all day.

Laura said...

Ha good luck with that was in mine for about a week

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