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Friday, October 7, 2011

Thoughts about Game One

Game one is in the books - just one out of eighty-two mind you. I do not know what to say about the Habs/Leafs game last night. No, that is not totally true - it can be summed up in one word....AAARRRGGGHHH.

The good news is that in the first period the Habs dominated the Leafs. Reimer was ready for the start of the season and was not caught napping much to the delight of Ron Wilson and the fans that crammed in the ACC. The game came down to special teams with the penalty killing on both sides being superb - or was it the powerless plays that leave much to be desired. The Habs played well and dominated until the beginning of the second when PK Subban pinched in behind the Leaf net and was caught up the ice without a paddle (ok mixed metaphors but I am sure you understand).  The genius coach Jacques Martin has unbelievably decided that Super-Pleky can play on the point during a power play. I say unbelievably because - he is always looking to dish off the puck and does not have a cannon as his weapon of choice. So when Mr. Subban got caught grossly out of position, the resulting two on one (short-handed mind you) resulted in a goal by Matthew Lombardi. Actually from a hockey comeback stand point - Lombardi's goal was very nice to see. He has been having challenges with a head injury and missed most of last season. He does have a set of wheels on him and I am sure he will move up the Leafs roster with time. But I digress. That short-handed goal brought life to the Leafs and the Habs deflated from there seeming to give up - and the Leafs got the scent of blood. With the way Reimer was playing that goal was all they needed.

Erik Cole was brought in to shore up the five on five scoring and played well until the shorty then disappeared quite effectively. He did not get much power play time - but he has not been a good power play performer during his career.  I believe he could be with his size if he went and put his posterior in the goalie's face (maybe a huge bowl of chili would help hehehe).

Chris Campoli played a good solid game until he fell awkwardly in front of Carey Price and went to the dressing room - early information said was a hamstring injury out for three weeks approximately - but I think that was Dr. RDS that was reporting that medical tidbit. Hopefully it is that and not a groin pull.

With the Habs playing 7 pre-season games in so short a time - and playing essentially the Junior Bulldogs in those game- this team has not gelled properly at all. Mr. Martin and the forty coaches are not getting a favourable review here. This is the third year for the headmaster, and his contract is up either this season or next. With Guy Carbonneau no longer being paid not to coach, is it time for J-Mart to be paid for not coaching - I certainly hope so. I know some of you will ask who to replace - bilingual etc. - my candidate is Marc Crawford. He is not currently coaching and was the coach of the Nordiques so would be accepted by those yahoos at RDS and he would open up the play. May lose a bit with the transition but - would be exciting because Habs are playing boring defensive hockey and losing. Now perhaps if they were playing boring defensive hockey and winning it would be different...although I doubt it.

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