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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End of a Perfect Vacation

First full day back from my vacation in beautiful Halifax, NS. Met some lovely people and saw some beautiful sights and sites. Thank you to my mahvellous hostessesses with the mostests Roz and Ev. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Necessary picture of Dayes taking a picture 

Sunday night, my friends @Tygerlylly (Roz), @cokeaddict (Dayes), Ev (Roz's Mom) @hfxhabby (Rene) and I went to see our Habs get beat soundly by the Bruins my account can be found here. It was very disappointing to say the least. If you read Tyger By The Tail you saw pictures of yours truly and Dayes drinking in the afternoon - well here is a pic of the ringleader - doing the same.


The rest of the week went very quickly. We made our return trip to Peggy's Cove where we had a tried out some fabulous desserts after soaking in the fabulous scenery.

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

World's End

The mouth to Peggy's Cove

Roz and Ev waiting patiently for us tourists to take our pics

Roz did want to try pole dancing

What is a trip to Halifax without stopping to remember the Titanic

and SwissAir

I could bore you to death with more pictures however that would not be a good thing. If you would like to see more photos, please visit my Flickr account and feel free to comment. I love looking at peoples vacation photos but do not think that is ordinary.

One more thing to you my faithful readers, if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary or anything embarrassing (singing/dancing etc) remember that it was NOT me. It was my evil twin. 

Hockey season is once again upon us and this blog will become definitely hockey-centric.


Tyg said...

Ringleader? I was an innocent babe until you two showed up in Halifax! I've been corrupted!

Laura said...

uh huh that's it. LOL

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