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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Musings

As some of you know I am on vacation with a couple of my friends here in Beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

So I arrived here in one piece after a flight delay of over an hour in Toronto on Friday. I am a white knuckle flyer at the best of times, and have not flown since the turn of the century. Therefore before the day the world changed - and not for the better. It was a domestic flight so no passport was required - I did check before I went as I do not own a passport and would have had to get one for my little trip. After the delay, including 20 minutes due to lightning in the area (when I left Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto - yes they actually named an airport after a pilot - World War I ace Billy Bishop - it was pouring rain like a cow relieving itself on a flat rock variety- you are welcome for the visual - any time.) I have decided however that the potholes in the sky definitely have to be part of the infrastructure repair. Once we got to cruising altitude and out of the Toronto area, it was smooth sailing. It was the first time I used the small airport instead of the monstrosity called Pearson International (named after a former Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize recipient). So the first day was a case of planes, trains, automobiles and boat - Billy Bishop airport is on an island lol. I was picked up at the airport by the fabulous duo of Roz and Dayes. 

The second day was rainy here is Halifax - and of course I was to blame (I tried to #blamesubban to no avail). But that did not dampen our sense of adventure. What did we do - it was very wet and rainy so we went on a ROAD TRIP. As many of you know a Road Trip with my fellow travellers is always an adventure - I was looking forward to getting lost etc. I must report that although it did have its moments - we did not get lost although we did try our absolute best.

We went to Peggy's Cove and did some sight-seeing - we will go back on Monday when the weather is less damp. We then went to Lunenburg, which is an historic town - the weather was clearer at the beginning so we went for a walk - had some fabulous home-made ice cream and of course took some pictures in the downtown- tourist area. The houses are painted all different colours making the town look like a colourful mosaic, a picture postcard if you will. 

As we were driving to Lunenburg Academy, the fog started to roll in, which gave the Academy a surreal look. Over to the left of the Academy there was a set of swings just before the historic graveyard. I went to take a few pictures of the graveyard as I am morbidly fascinated with them. Took a photo of the swings and the graveyard. While I was taking the shot, a couple of crows decided to get in the picture making these photos very eerie indeed.

When we got back to Roz's place I downloaded the pics and found the pictures were really creepy indeed. I think I see a lady in a blue dress in one of them - There is a crow on a headstone in front of her and it is squawking. Is there something really there, or just my imagination working overtime I do not know. I have not done anything to the cemetery photos other than the close up - really creepy.

I am interested in hearing what you think - is there something there or purely my imagination. 


Tyg said...

It's a ghost I tell ya!

SlashersElite said...

looks very nice there! interesting at the cementary too good to see that a lil rain didnt cloud your adventure!

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