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Sunday, November 14, 2010

And Then There were Six

Well, it has been an interesting week to be a Habs fan indeed.  The week started off with Les Glorieux having all healthy bodies and fans chomping at the bit for change because of the non-existent power play.  Markov had come back and was not quite the same.  Still, the record was decent but team had lost two in a row and was not playing all that well except for Carey Price.

Then one of the young unused defensemen was traded to Colorado, where all reports are that so far he is doing quite well.   And I hope he flourishes and shows what he can do.  He is one I feel never got a decent chance on my Habs.

That left seven defensemen with Picard being the one on the outside looking in.  The team took off the rest of the week 3-0 playing well defensively and Spacek finally pulling his head out of his butt for the most part.  The powerplay finally humming along. Then it happened.....Markov's bionic knee appears to have given out on the way into the boards.  Although, as of now, the extent of the injury is unknown, the speculation among the journalists is at least 3 months.

Now there are six defensemen.  Good news for Alex Picard - he gets to play but probably not how he wanted to get in the lineup I am sure.  Now the question is as it was at the beginning of the year..what to do...

First off in order to make the correct decisions you have to have the proper information.  We know for sure Marky will not be on the ice on Tuesday (duh) so you go with the six you have and call up Weber.  I would rotate the defensemen each one getting a game off in turn to distribute the fatigue.  Now what will J-Mart do? Probably over use everyone especially Hammer and Spacek and hopefully they do not wear down and get injured as well.   The habs may look down the road to Toronto, acquire T. Kaberle for some of the depth we have that can help the Leaves this the mean time climbing out of the position of handing Boston the first over all - something that neither club wants. (sounds like a Pollack move to me lol)  would not want to give too much as he also is UFA at the end of the year.  To afford the salary though Marky would have to be gone the whole year, or some salary would have to go the other way.  Such a conundrum.

We will have to sit by and wait until we see what happens this week...oh and bring on the flyers,

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