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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend of Burnsies

Another decent week has gone by in Habland -

There was some controversy with PK Subban - and hey it is good that he is getting under Flyers players skin and is foremost in their minds.  The threats by Richards and hopefully it is more to try and get him off his game as hitting him al the time has yet to work (for the record I do not think it will).  Subban's response to it was very mature and may I say it rehearsed.  He sounded a lot like Gill was helping him respond - that is not a bad thing.  I also like what he said about Khadri - the Leaves newbie - to show just how ridiculous the words from Richards actually were.

There were three shutouts this week - one against and two for.  There seemed to be a bit of a letdown after the great game played on Tuesday against the Flyers.  This is to take nothing away from the Smashville Predators - they played well and were prepared for the Habs.

Proud to be a Habs fan today because last night's tribute was without a doubt the best tribute to Burnsie that could be put together - Habs celebrating accomplishments is one of the things they do best.  It was perfect.

As for the Leaves game - I really thought both sides played well.  It was an exciting game to watch - it usually is between both these teams.  The only difference was a couple of defensive lapses on the part of the Leaves that were converted by the inspired Habs.

Surprised to hear that Pat Burns sent a message to Carey Price at the beginning of the season and by all accounts helped him out presumably with the mental aspect.  Burnsie did have a few decent goalies who played for him over the course of his NHL coaching career - emmmm lets see - Patrick Roy, Felix Potvin, Byron Dafoe and oh yeah Martin Brodeur.  It is interesting that two of these goalies had their best years under Burns.  But when the team plays well defensively it definitely helps.

Heard about the Gomer story with Pat Burns as well - I think it is appropriate now - two minutes of wah wah wah rubbing eyes for his play.  Burnsie would kick his sorry behind for his play, then get nasty. No excuses for play like that.  Gomer did get a breakaway but forgot what to do when he goes to the net.

Speaking of forgetful, damned nice pass from Komisarek to Cammy.  Komi should try those in the offensive zone.

Pat Burns's legacy continues to grow.  He will go into the Hall of Fame - probably one year too late.  All I can say is that it is a damned shame.

@NortonSports is donating $1 for every new follower on twitter until 5pm on Monday the 22nd of Movember in the memory of Pat Burns to Maison Aube-Lumiere.


Tyg said...

How can any true hockey fan not like Pat Burns and what he has done for this sport? I like it that Price is not sharing what message Burns sent him. Not everything need to be made public. It was classy of Burns to do it, and it's classy of Price to keep it hush hush.

Burns at the HHOF is too late now. Way too late. Don't get me started. There's no excuse for this that would make it okay with me. None.

Gomez needs a solid butt kicking. I'm just not sure Jacques is that type of guy. Perhaps he can channel Burns like Price is channeling Dryden. Fingers crossed.

Laura said...

thanks for the comment Tyg. There was class all around last night and it was nice to see. Even class from Damian Cox - said thank God it was in Mtl not in Tor. Don't know how TO thinks about that.

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