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Sunday, December 5, 2010

On Habs and Islanders

It has been two weeks since I last blogged.  Daughter was in accident so blogging was not part of my weekend last week.  She is much better now, thank you to all who have asked.

It was another interesting week in habdom.  Benching Sooby Doo is probably a good thing in the long run for him.  I just hope he does not stay in the permanent j-mart dog house.  Weber has been playing a lot better than he did last time he was called up.  He is another defenseman the Habs will count on in the next little while.  It appears though that Joshy may be nursing some injuries.  Hopefully they are not serious but I would definitely have him miss a game or two now rather than aggravating an injury and be out for longer, later.

Also, it was confirmed that the news on Markov's injury was as bad as we feared.  The best news is that although the Habs sorely miss Markov, they are still winning - they managed 5 out of 6 points this week and may be stringing a couple of wins together.  The consistency will come now that they know what is going on.  PG expects a full recovery - I wish I was so optimistic.

My biggest concern these days is the line juggling and the inability to get constant production out of those who are supposed to be scoring.  It is all well and great for the others to carry the load for a short time. Perhaps against the Sens one of the dormant ones shows signs of life. Or perhaps PG actually pulls the trigger on a deal. Boyd and a prospect for a possible presently underachieving winger from Long Island or Florida etc.  There is also the possibility of trading with someone who is potentially in cap hell.  Boston, Jersey, Phil. I believe are all going to try to get some cap relief.  Even the Leafs would not be bad trading partners, but we are more interested in someone who can get er done now.  So we sit and wait to find out what the heck is going on with the Habs while they sit in first place in the division.  Kind of ironic that we are looking down at everyone and trying to find out what is wrong with the team. 

The Islanders are a team in huge disarray.  Brooks seems to have taken up their plight a little.  The discussion seems to be what is wrong, ownership or gm.  The answer is probably that there is something rotten in the state of the Islanders.  They are one team I would love to keep where they are.  If the team was winning, I am sure the fans would turn up. They need the Steinbreners to come over to hockey and turn around this once proud franchise just as their dad did in baseball.  They would certainly spend more and marketing the team would not be an issue. 



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