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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Habbies Year in Review or the Twelve Months of Habbydom

While on twitter and on MSN the other day the twitterverse exploded with the news that James Wisniewski was traded from the Islanders to the Habs.  It was the high light of the year or so it seemed.  There has been plenty written about the woes or should I say whoas of the Habs of late.  Three of us got together and a song was born.  Without further ado or adieu here is what cokeaddict , tygerlylly , Lissa and I came up with - you can read their thoughts on their blogs.

In the 1st month of twenty ten my habbies gave to me---a whole lot of inj--urrr ies

Ain't that the truth - so many injuries we thought we were gonners for sure - we did not think we would be in the playoffs and confidence in Gainey to do something was almost non-existent.

In the 2nd month of twenty ten my habbies said oh hey - here is pierre gauthier

And what did the fan base think - hopefully he does something - but was actually looking at the status quo. There is no pleasing the habby fan base.

In the 3rd month of twenty ten my habbies to me swore  - they needed Dominic Moore

And the fan base reaction: arrgh a leaf castoff.. he has lost touch with reality

In the 4th month of twenty ten my habbies got it done - a win over washington

Not only did the habs squeak in the playoffs but they defeated the Capitals - president trophy winers oops i mean winners.  Halak was stupendous - putting on a show for the world to see...a series for the ages.  Job well done les boys.  Bring on the Pens.

In the 5th month of twenty ten my habbies got rid - of the pens and Sid the Kid

Ha.. take that you you you Pens you.....Habs won the first game at the Igloo and the last one there too. Our man Halak was once again the flavour de jour - standing on his head - oh this changes everything we naively thought - surely Gauthier will now choose Halak over the Price - We were so proud... alas - the next opponent was the dreaded Flyers....That did not go so well for the les boys who seemed to quite simply run out of gas.  Does anyone remember the gesture of laughing from Lappy to flyers bench that ignited the Flyers - apparently Gauthier did.  But at the time it made habdom a fun place to be and we were very hopeful for the 2010-2011 season..
In the 6th month of twenty ten my habbies gave to me - a signed turtle-necked pleky

Just prior to this signing however the hero Halak was unceremoniously shipped out to the Blues which had the fan base slightly perturbed (ok maybe a little more than that...ok maybe madder than hell)  But they made the choice of Pleky over Halak - would I have made that choice - doubt it - I was in full rant-meltdown mode as were many others.

In the 7th month of twenty ten my habbies made me wait and there was lots of debate

Imagine shipping off the reason you got so far in the playoffs for two Montreal of all places...Habs fans ranted everywhere - bars got a boost in sales because this was driving all of us to drink.  Oh yes there was a signing in July - after all the habs needed a goalie as none were signed - and teh man chosen was ....are you ready? the former fabulous Senators and Panthers goaltender - Alex Auld....still makes me wanna shake my head.

In the 8th month of twenty ten my habbies were a bore...made me wait wait and wait some more

The entire world stopped because Gary had a fight with a former buddy - Lou...Actually more of a temper tantrum.  but when you are the boss your tantrums matter....just ask Yankees fans - regarding Georgie. So the whole process was on hold until everything could be worked out.  Still my Habbies had only one goalie signed - the aforementioned Alex Auld.  Meanwhile the restricted free agent goalie was out playing rodeo clown or something - trying to get hurt...finished the season in the rodeo figured out the NHL was more lucrative.

In the 9th month of 2010 my habbies finally ended the fight. It's signed and the Price is right.

Yes, he finally came down and signed on the bottom line while we all debated over how long the contract would be and for how much.... certainly we did not think he deserved more than Halak received from St. Louis.  Then he proceeded to stink out the exhibition games - and told us all to just chill.... making things, of course, worse.  And a captain was named - Brian Gionta.  This was a popular choice...

In the 10th month of 2010 my habbies came back to town, and brought the roof of the Bell Centre down

The habs had a lot of home games in the first month - Subby was up full time (at least so far) and he was playing exceedingly well... like a vet they said - could win the Calder.... he was listening to the corrections in his game that came from the coaches. Now... normally I would say that would be a good thing... but in the confidence killers habs have as coaches .... was it really?  But it was a great month for the habs in the wins column.

In the 11th month of 2010 the Canes gave to the Habs, another Dman who would need rehab

Good news - Markov came back,,,, a little early even... then disaster happened - knee on knee collision with that dirty dastardly Staal of the Canes.... and gone again - did not know how bad - no word from the Habs - OB had been traded - had to go with whom we had... The month of November went along okay - cracks were beginning to show but team was still winning.  I think near the end of November played teh Flyers again and that nosy so and so Richards put in his two cents about our PK and the dude has not been the same since.  Hopefully soon PK gets his head out of his nether regions and gets to play his own game again -

In the 12th month of 2010 my habbies gave to me a James Wisniewski

This disaster of a month that has just passed saw some uninspired going through the motions hockey.... and a horrible losing streak.  There was a long road trip of 7 games where the brass accompanied the team.  That my friends is never a good sign.  And after being pleasant to their hosts on most nights (read - sucked badly) there was a change that was made... They acquired a hard shot from the point for the power play - as well as a reliable d-man.  Then placed another reliable d on the IR.   But was PG done for the year? we were hoping for scoring help on the top six - so there was another trade - on the last day of the year no less - the popular Maxime Lapierre was shipped off to the Canards of Anaheim... where old habs seem to go to die.  In return... habs received a reliable d-man for Hamilton and a conditional 5th rounder in 2012....

Are the habs done dealing?  I do not think so - have more work to do for the top 6 also need a new coach because he seems to have lost the room and his mind....

Please as always leave your comments and Have a safe and prosperous new year!


Tyg said...

"new coach because he seems to have lost the room and his mind" LOL I love it! Not sure how accurate it is - did he ever have the room and his mind? I've always maintained Muller did most of the coaching during the playoffs.

Funny as hell Laura! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE all the commentary!! =D Gives the much needed context to our song. =D

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