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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure Speculation 2011-2012 Habs

I was reading the blog Bleed Bleu Blanc Rouge where the challenge was put out to design the 2011-12 Habs with salary cap etc.  There are some very interesting possibilities listed there indeed.  I am taking up the challenge as I have some ideas (go figure) on how my Habs should look going forward.

Here were the Rules of the Game:
  1. You MUST stay within the annual Cap Space
  2. You can NOT deal existing contracts (ie fantasy trades)
  3. You MUST live by the RFA Rules
  4. Current BUYOUTS must be respected
  5. Bonuses Set at $1M (undisclosed)
  6. Laraque Buyout is still on the books @ $0.5M
  7. Cap amount is set at $61.5M

I think the interesting question is who to keep on defense. Many seem to think will it be Markov or Wisniewski, I believe it will come down to Wisniewski or Hammer.  Hammer has been a workhorse the past few years and really deserves to get the spot - but the Habs cannot continue rely on him to get the job done - to continue with the horse metaphor the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. So here I choose Wisniewski over Hammer at 3.75M. I re-sign Gorges at 2.25M, Weber at 800K, Gill at 1.75M. I try to keep Markov but not at any price 2 to 3 years at 5 to 5.5M - certainly no raise has been earned there.  The contract will expire before his 35th b-day so it would fit under the current CBA.

So for the defense I am spending 18.7 Million - pairings Subban 0.875 - Gill 1.75; Gorges 2.25 - Weber .800; Wisniewski 3.75 - Markov 5.5 - spare Spacek 3.8.

Goalies- Although I would not have said this last year - Price 2.75 + Johan Hedberg 1.2 total: 3.95 - this will allow habs to give Price more of a break during the year.

Forwards: under the rules I cannot trade existing contracts (I think at least one will be) Gomez 7.3, Cammalleri 6, Plekanec 5, Gionta 5, Moen 1.5, Eller 1.27.  I re-sign Kostityn 3.25, Pacioretti 1.2, White 800K, Desharnais 500K, Darche 550K.  In free-agency market I go after Brooks Laich 3.5 - wld over pay, and Ville Leino 1.5 - total 37.12 for forwards.

Total: 59.82 + 500K Laraque = 60.32M

My projected forward lines - barring training camp surprises:





Taxi squad: Darche

So there you have it MY 2011-12 Montreal Canadiens.  Please let me know what you think.


Tyg said...

I like it but I think you're lowballing Gorges, Wisniewski, Leino and Laich, which makes it highly unlikely. Sorry. Like the lineup itself tho.

Laura said...

You may be totally right about lowballing those - but gives them a good raise from their current money. We shall see. Could give Leino's $ to Laich

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