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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calling all Puckheads

I recently was invited to join a promising hockey social network called Planet Puckhead. It has potential in that it caters to hockey enthusiasts of all types. Players, coaches, bloggers, fans can have discussions on the game and offer opinions and discuss the happenings around the game we all love.

Upon entering for the first time, I must admit I was taken aback on the colour scheme (being the Habs fan that I am) that it was primarily Bruins colours. There is the ability on there to change your home page - mine has almost no yellow. and the header was moved up so there is a nicer visual appeal.

There are groups that have been started for players, coaches, sledge players, ball hockey etc. If there is nothing started that interests you - by all means start one up and people will join if they have something to say. The intent is to have one place where we can talk amongst ourselves and answer and ask any questions that may come up. I, for one, will be asking a question or two in research for upcoming blogs - and I get the feeling others will as well.

It goes live on July 18th and holds promise.  I am hoping that it becomes a gathering place to discussions on various teams bloggers.  There are several groups on there including two I have started - one being for Habs fans and the other for Habs bloggers. I am not sure if both groups are needed but we will have another look at it in September or October and re-evaluate at that time. There is also a group that is for hockey bloggers that is open for discussion and collaboration in the community.

I am finding it very interesting that the site has almost no members as yet who are fans of the NHL teams. So far, a few people have signed up to see what it is like and have not changed their locker (page) to suit their personalities and their teams. There are quite a few pictures of people sharing their memoriabilia which is fabulous.

There are a lot of fans and players from the Tampa Bay region - which is great to see. I know the US south has taken a beating with the Canadian hockey fans and media but the fans I have come into contact with are very passionate and quite knowledgeable. The truth of the matter is that Canadian fans and the US fans from cities in the north who covet the teams find it frustrating to see half empty arenas when tickets are extremely hard to come by up here and when you can get them they cost your first born. So, you can look at it another way we are jealous of the cheap hockey and availability of tickets.

But I digress, the Planet is open for business and we who are there are awaiting the pleasure of your company. There is plenty of room on there for all hockey fans, new and experienced. Oh and please tell them Laura Kenney sent you.


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