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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mid-Summer Musings

There have been a few things to chat about this week in the headlines a lot of which are really horrific, some sad and some actually entertaining. Without further ado here is my take on the week.

First off, let me say to those lying turds at Environment Canada - still no rain - but cooler today (having a cup of tea). Thank you for that - you are still turds until that promised rain gets here. Been over a month since we have had any local rain - lawns are brown and crispy need a deluge. They are lying because they give me false hope that it will rain at any time - but as my hubby says 50% chance of rain - hah maybe it will and maybe it won't. If any of my 4 readers work at environment please remember it is not personal at least on my part, will stop the name calling once rain arrives.

A terrorist by any other name...I was shocked by the tragic events in Norway the other day. I am totally amazed that with all that damage done by the blast in downtown Oslo one would think more than 7 would have been killed. Then the terrorist went to camp and went on a 95 minute rampage killing indiscriminately kids and young people. I expect the total dead will be over a hundred. The big question is if the guy is a terrorist or a madman. As homer would say - a little from column A a little from column B. My take is this - if the perpetrator can get punished more for being a terrorist then that is what he is - if more punishment is more severe being a madman then so be it. There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in there somewhere.

Amy Winehouse - dead at 27 set off a debate on drugs, alcohol, too much too soon and the ridiculous idea that somehow sorrow at her death is not warranted. I feel bad for the family and friends of Ms. Winehouse just as I feel bad for the families and friends of other individuals who take their own lives on purpose as well as by accident. It does not compete with the tragedy in Norway nor should it - what it does however - is to humanize the struggles of people in dealing with their demons. Hopefully she will get the peace in death that she did not get in life.

Have been wondering how the people who made the decision on having Aaron Boogaard announce the Rangers first selection at the draft are feeling about that decision now. Does this change how we feel about Derek's death at age of 28? and why the coming together after Derek's death and the division over Amy Winehouse? It is like one is acceptable and one is not but the result is the same - gone too soon.

On a lighter note - The Habs got randier and uglier behind the bench. No offense to Randy Ladouceur and Randy Cunneyworth but Kirk Muller is definitely prettier. The consolation here regarding the prettiness of the coaches - the duo of Keith Acton and Tim Hunter last season with the Leafs were certainly uglier. They were not hired to be pretty. At least with the mis-named Ladouceur there is a big defenseman who knows how to play with an edge and is good with the younger players. Randy Cunneyworth is also a beauty who is good with the youngsters and did great with the kids last year and knows what the group can do. He coaches to get the best out of his players which is not a bad thing. Hopefully they can bring emotion to a bland staff.

Josh Gorges has signed for one year 2.5M as a RFA before going to arbitration. I am thinking that is a good thing for both sides. I am glad he is around this year of transition with a much younger defensive corps than last year. His next contract with the habs may be tied to how the kids do this year. A strong year by Yemelin may mean a different team next year- who really knows. There is a reason it is called the dead season in french too much speculation now the season has to start soon. We still have a week in July and the whole month of August before preseason.

Thank you for your time - and I would love to hear from you. Just drop me a line.


Tyg said...

Nice weather in Halifax and I'm not complaining, but then again our heat is currently bearable. "Turds" sounds personal tho. ;)

Good stuff on the Norway and Winehouse stories. Totally see it the same way.

Boogaard thing is just sadness on top of misery. I'm sorry for them.

If Randy Number 1 and Randy Number 2 are gonna be JM's ass-kissers I'm not gonna like them. Also they better open their mouths and get Les Boys fired up ala Kirk Muller. Also, 4 bench bosses, really? Jesus.

On Gorges - would have liked a longer term. Weber got 2 years FFS. That said, I can see why Gorges would be attracted to the 1 year only. If he has a good year - and he's probably confident - he can hold the Habs over a barrel next season. For PG he gets to hedge his bets a bit, which is his standard MO.

Laura said...

Thanks Tyg for your comment.

The two Randies will be okay and if this means Pearn has to go upstairs to be the eye in the sky then so be it.

PG did not buy any FA years. I do not believe they have with anyone else either which is interesting. Hopefully they break that tradition with Price and Subban but there is still time on those ones.

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